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Leverage Switchboard™ to Outperform Your Competition

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The internet is a rapidly-growing marketplace. 93% of people’s online experiences begin with a search engine and only 2% of website visitors fill out a form. Our tool is designed to help you with the other 98%.

Generate Leads Faster Than The Competition

Businesses put their trust in us because we know how to navigate the digital market and get to the customer first. Stand out from the crowd - crush the competition with our proprietary first-to-market lead generation tool.


Connect with local, state, or national consumer bases through our Proprietary Ranking Initiative (PRI™): AI technology that creates focused landing pages optimized for your brand.

These landing pages use your non-branded keywords to increase intentional searches specific to your dealership. Rank better on search engines, so shoppers hit your site before the competition.


Capture an intentional shopper before you compete with our COnsumer Assimilation Software™ (CAS™), including name, address, email, phone, social profiles, and much more.
CAS™ integrates seamlessly into your CRM, creating organized data sets for easy outreach.

Nobody else has this kind of data on the market. You are able to use this data at any time while remaining 100% TCPA compliant.


Convert your browsers into buyers with our Targeted Outreach Campaigns™ (TOC™). These campaigns amplify your own outreach endeavors to get those cars off the lot. This is the future of outreach!

Convert using physical and digital outreach campaigns that we build for you. Target your consumer base where they are most active.
You can even take it a step further by targeting on multiple social platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Hulu, and more.


Connect with shoppers FIRST while they're early in the process.



Stay top-of-mind while consumers are making purchasing decisions.



Reach out to them when they’re ready to buy and convert.

The Power Of SwitchBoard™

The Power Of SwitchBoard
Targeted Outreach Campaigns™
Advanced Delivery Platform™

Fortune 100 companies use our ​​ADP email/SMS cadences to promote ​​their companies – this is proven ​​to increase brand awareness.

Social AD Retargeting

You can retarget on any social​​platform available, so your business ​​won’t miss out on any interested ​​online audience.

Live Streaming

Many of our customers use our​​CASTM data to retarget on live-streaming platforms, where thousands will see your brand.


Our geo-fencing technology can target​​ customers anywhere, from entire states​​ to specific neighborhoods.

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Geography is an open system, meaning neighborhoods, cities, states, counties, roads, and other geo markets are available for targeting. Using geo-fencing to personalize landing pages is proven to increase your search engine ranking.


Dynamic SEO:

Our PRI generates HTML landing pages, based on sets of non-branded keywords and geography curated by our fantastic team. The PRI utilizes "Text Spinning" to rewrite copy and images, resulting in better search engine indexing and ranking, which helps push you to the top of search results.



This feature achieves a higher click-through rate by hosting SEO-friendly internal and external links to your business' website. This also includes features for photo and extended content management.


Track User Behavior:

Website page logs reveal where your identified visitors navigated throughout your website. Know what shoppers want and measure your website's effectiveness with CAS™.



Optimize Your CRM:

By combining our detailed data with your CRM, you will have a complete and accurate data source for your shoppers to maximize your sales potential.


Contact Data Validation:

CAS™ validates the contact information of each identified shopper, so you know you are knocking on the right door. Now that you know the shopper, it's time to complete the sale.


Get ahead of the competition by targeting shoppers where they are most active. Our system collects and analyzes this data so you don't have to.

Use our data to target by geo-location, age, gender, device type, and more.

Increase Brand Exposure

TOC targets and retargets familiar and net-new audiences for greater brand exposure. Service ads strategically to achieve greater impact and help customers quickly move through the marketing funnel.

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Streamline Your Spending

Focus ad spending only on customers that have expressed interest and are more likely to convert. We build target audiences based on your CAS™ data, so we know your ad is going to the right place at the right time.

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Close More Deals

Leads equal business. After CAS™ filters your identified traffic, TOC will target the most responsive shoppers. Our digital solutions are keeping brick-and-mortar businesses alive and well.

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